Saturday, February 18, 2006

The day after delivery (and the day after that!)

Alright, so we ended up staying at a little mom and pop hotel in Perry Florida after picking the car up in Clearwater Florida and driving for a couple hours. These photos are from the next morning.

gimme a break, you try holding a digital SLR and taking a photo with the wrong hand! ;)

Niki demonstrating how to pimp a Lotus ;)

My initial impressions of the car are that its very similar (power wise) to my old G60 powered VW Rabbit. This will change once the break-in period is over though because I'll be able to make use of the second (power) cam and will feel the real power the motor has to offer. While driving the past couple of days I've tried to have a few bursts of going through the available rpm range and even some backroad overtaking with slow RV's and woodchip dropping logging trucks. Even just staying in gear and laying into the throttle a little bit impresses me. This could be a result of one of two things, either the car is more powerful than often given credit for or I've just been out of a fast car for waaaay too long! I'm going to go ahead and assume the latter since I'm already starting to lust after the 2nd cam power.

This car is MUCH easier to drive than I had imagined. Getting in and out is a pain (just ask Niki!), but once you are in you find that its very comfortable and everything is setup perfectly. The deadpedal is a little hard for me to grab without scraping the clutch pedal but aside from that I have no gripes whatsoever. The steering wheel is a perfect size and, in typical MOMO fashion, has the perfect indentions and grips built into it. The shiftknob is much smaller than I expected (everything inside the Elise is to a point) but fits my hand perfectly. I think I was probably just imagining that it would be similar in size to the old sumo ball I had in my drag car. Direct rear visibility is awesome and the side visibility is by all means livable all though I suspect it will improve once I figure out how to adjust the mirrors (yes, I'm dense).

Its rainy and in the 40's here in Orange Beach so I haven't had a chance to wash the car off yet but I will be doing so at the first opportune moment. For now though I have some drizzly 40 degree weather "at the beach" photos for the family back home. Hope you enjoy!

This is at Perdido Dunes, my mom's second condo that is actual beachfront. The open space behind the pool is where two very large condos used to sit, they actually blocked the view for the rest of the community. This is what is left of that area ever since Dennis tore through the area.

Niki at the ocean collecting shells. There were lots of jellyfish along the coast, something I don't remember from previous trips.

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