Thursday, February 23, 2006

Few days behind....

I've been without internet access (more or less) for a few days so I've gotten kinda backed up with experiences and photos. I'll start with three days ago in Orange Beach.

So Sunday night we decided that we'd leave a day early to head up to Montgomery and then over to Atlanta to meet up with Jennifer & George at Lotus of Atlanta to have our three cars serviced. Since we were cutting a day out of the beach we decided to go ahead and cram a few things into our last day there. This included Niki feeding the seagulls on the beach, walking around & shopping at Fairhope and getting some photos. I've posted a few of these photos first. They apparently just had a mardi gras parade in Fairhope a day or two before and there were still beads hanging from trees & signs and moonpies littering the streets.

Lotus Elise in Gulf Shores

Lotus Elise in Fairhope Alabama

Lotus Elise in Fairhope

So after we walked around Fairhope's art & shopping district we headed over to the pier where we had taken some very pretty sunset photos a few years ago. What we found was a pier that was closed from Ivan's damage a couple years ago (see photo below) and a gated driveway with a cool gate & fitting sign.

Lotus Elise driveway

Lotus Driveway

Lotus Elise in Garage

Lotus Elise in Garage

Lotus Elise packing in trunk

Lotus Elise Trunk

Lotus Elise full trunk

Victorian Houses Lotus Car

Lotus Elise on Expressway

Lotus at hotel

Black Lamborghini Gallardo

Lamborghini Murcielago Spyder

Orange Murcielago Spyder

The last few are from Lotus of Atlanta which is also a Lamborghini & BMW dealer. The service guy was surprised to see our green car, he hadn't seen one in person yet. After we left the dealer we headed to hell (the Georgia Aquarium) to see a zoo of people inside a somewhat cool aquarium. The last photo is of Niki touching a sea ray. This is kind of a crappy post but I'm typing it damn quickly while 3 others are waiting for me at the breakfast table ;)

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At 9:26 AM, Blogger editblog said...

Hey thanks for pointing me to that post. Can I assume that all the gear sitting at the back of the car fit into the "trunk?" If so that's quite surprising! I look forward to the luggage post.


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