Monday, February 20, 2006

Finally got to wash my new Elise...

Well, I'm finally getting the hang of shooting Krypton Green. Today I got up and washed the Elise bright and early and headed out to some spots around Gulf Shores. The photos below are what I managed to capture today. This car really does grab attention, today alone I had two people take photos of themselves with the car and several camera phone shots. I've been up too long processing these (Photoshop CS RAW processing and extremely minor adjustment afterwards, about 45 seconds per image) so I'm just going to get to the photos. Enjoy!

This was one of my favorites today, I think it shows some of the cars nicest lines...

The queens mark, showing her approval for sale. Neat huh ;)

My queen :)

Yeah, not much space in the boot at all.

It was windy out :(

Good god, I wanted to shoot the car at this spot sooooo badly, it was blocked off though. Dammit.

Another area I wanted to shoot at, this one I just flat out couldn't find the road to get to though so I had to settle for the opposite side of the barriers.

The street sign reads "Paradise ln"

And the obligatory shark photo. I'm heading back in the morning to try and get some better shots with this guy.

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At 5:34 AM, Blogger Feline Leukemia said...

Hope you get a long shot with car in front of shark so it appears to be chasing it.

At 5:37 AM, Blogger Feline Leukemia said...

Do you have any beach shots with only water in background? I Like the far shot of people by the water.


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