Saturday, February 25, 2006

Lotus Elise Deals Gap adventure!

For those not in the know, Deals Gap is a section of south western North Carolina that is the home of "The tail of the dragon", an 11 mile stretch of road that contains 318 curves. Yeah, this is a VERY fun road! Up until today I had only felt the Elise' handling abilites in the passenger seat on a few backroads & SCCA courses. Driving my Elise through the Gap chasing my friends in their cars was a whole new experience. This car redefines what cars are capable of. I didn't keep an eye on the speedometer but my estimate is that 10mph corners were taken in the 30mph range without finding the car's limits. As someone who is somewhat nervous on foreign roads I quickly adjusted to the stretch and was able to take advantage of the car's abilities. I made 4 runs total (two of which were filmed from the orange Elise, I'll post those later) and managed to pull away from a BMW Z4 through the corners (although slow traffic & some straights allowed it to catch back up) in one of the runs. The views from the overlook (one end of the dragon) were awesome and gave us some cool photo ops.
Chrome Orange, Saffron Yellow, Krypton Green Lotus Elise

Lotus Elise cars at Deals Gap

Lotus cars at Tail of the Dragon

Tail of the Dragon Lotus Elise

Niki smiling after the first run up through the dragons tail...

Lotus Elise at Deals Gap

The car really does look greener once its next to the yellow & orange cars...
3 Lotus Elises

You can see the red BMW that ran with us in this photo
Lotus Elise and BMW Z3

Deals Gap, population 6
Deals Gap sign and Lotus Elise

Lotus next to Deals Gap sign

Lotus next to Tree of Shame

The infamous tree with bike parts attached to it, really kinda neat in person.
Tail of the Dragon Tree of Shame

Lotus Cars

Deals Gap Sign

You should be able to see the pearl/gold in the paint in this photo

Row of Lotus Cars

My two favorite lifestyle colors (Lotus options) together, Chrome Orange & Krypton Green.
Orange and Green Lotus Elise

After playing at the gap & surround attractions we came back into Robbinsville to grab some pizza, which was AWESOME. With full stomaches we parted ways as our friends headed back to Louisville and we headed over to Chattanooga to stay the weekend with my sister. I'll be heading out tomorrow to get some photos on Lookout Mountain. Thankfully we have wifi here at the hotel so I can make these posts come a bit quicker. We'll be back in Louisville Monday evening!

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