Saturday, September 23, 2006

Yokohamas, dead in 9,500 miles...

Let me preface this by saying I was in no way shocked that these tires wore this fast, I know others will gasp though.

The photos don't do them justice but these tires were almost to bologne skin status at only 9,500 miles.
Worn Down Yokohamas

Those were the Yokohama Neova AD07's off the rear of my Lotus Elise at 9,500 miles. If you've followed this blog then you know I don't track the car, don't autox it and don't drive it very hard on a regular basis. I do however drive it quite a bit, which is obvious by my hitting the 9,500 mile mark in about 6 1/2 months. Even at the "you're crazy to drive on these" wear level the tires were at they still managed to give quite a bit of traction. I'm by no means a tire expert but it seems the compound that makes up these tires absolutely just grabs the road. The new 225/45R17's for the rear aren't cheap by any means ($225 per tire) but they really do hold their own when pushed hard.

So anyway, enough with my boring tire dribble, on with the Lotus tire changing photos!

Jacking up the Lotus Elise
This was the first time I had jacked the car up. It was a much easier task than I had prepared myself for but was still nerve racking none the less. There are stickers on the bottom of the Elise showing where to place a jack, but thats it. Because of the Lotus' flat aluminum underside theres no visible reinforcement to indicate "yeah, this should be a strong enough point for the jack". Lungs filled with held breathe were common during this step....

Lotus Elise on Jackstands
With the wheels off and the car on jackstands you can finally see the nice little suspension bits that brings Lotus so much fame as well as the neat flat underbelly of the Elise.

Lotus Elise suspension

Lotus Elise Floorpan

After shelling out $60 to have the old tires torn off and the new tires stretched on it was finally time to take one last look at a "slick" AD07.
New Lotus Elise tires

And the new tires in their home for the next 9,500 miles ;)
Lotus Elise Rear

Anyway, thats all the news for now. I've got a car show coming up next weekend so you can look forward to photos from that!

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At 9:09 AM, Anonymous gary said...

even after years of working in the industry, i still stand back and take that breath whenever i jack up a car in the driiveway. i've just seen too much damage from a misplaced jack over the years.

when done right though, there is that nice feeling of satifaction that you've done it yourself


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