Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Autoblog rocks!

So today I lost my job. Not a huge deal, it was a new job (been there about a month) and for the last two weeks I've been on the edge of anxiety attacks every morning on the way in, but it still sucks. Add that as icing to an ongoing issue we're having with our english bulldog puppy (under developed liver, goes braindead on us every now and then, $3,500 in vet bills so far) and you'll get an idea of what the past two weeks have been like. This next part really helped pick me up a bit.

Lotus Elise featured on Autoblog

Today Autoblog featured my Elise as Reader Ride of the day. Neato! Autoblog is one of the select sites I check off and on throughout the day so it really brightened my day to see my car grace its pages.

Hello English Emprise folks, I see you found this blog today around 8:36am by searching for "chris watson louisville ky", if you have any questions about code/projects I created feel free to email me @ chris [at] fleur-design [dot] net. Have a good weekend :)



At 10:08 PM, Anonymous gary said...

i saw this post on autoblog come through my feed reader and wondered if it was your car. i must admit that i didn't stop to read.

congrats on the post. don't worry too much about the work thing. with your talents, i'm sure you'll be working again in no time.

At 11:58 PM, Blogger Lundy said...

So you are thinking of moving here ?
For Gulf Shores general info, ck
Some pretty and curvy roads north of Mobile along Hwy 45 thru Citronelle. Also near the Fish River and Magnolia River on the backroads between Foley and Fairhope.
But hey, it is the BEACH here, not the MOUNTAINS ! Can't have everything !


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