Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lotus Elise, "Best Exotic"

Today was the Adam Matthews Balloon Festival Car Show and even though the forecast looked fairly wet we decided to go ahead and take the Elise out there. Well, about 15 minutes after arriving it started drizzling and ended up staying wet the rest of the day. About half of the cars left early but for those of us that stayed we came away with some good prizes. Everyone got a foldup chair and either a cinnamon banana cake or another fold up chair. Some really lucky folks walked away with $50 gas cards or $100 Visa cards. There was free ice cream and goodie bags for all. I guess what I'm saying is that even though it rained constantly, it was still a fun time.

When awards time came around I was pleasantly surprised to hear my name called for "Best Exotic". Guess the Lotus Elise qualifies as an Exotic after all ;)

Lotus Elise in the rain

Lotus Elise in field

Red Lotus Elan
Really cool Lotus Elan. I wanted one of these really badly some years ago and have still only seen a handful in my lifetime.

Yellow Mustang

Hotrod Truck
There really was a little bit of everything at the show.

Porsche Cars
Couple of really nice Porsches

Porsche 911 Turbo

I think this photo really does sum up the day :)

Soakng Wet Car

Also, I've noticed a lot of traffic finding the blog through searches for "Pac Man Costume". The Mr & Ms Pac Man costumes I have that are shown in these photos are one off's that some local folks made and then gave to us via Free-cycle.

Lotus Elise Pacman Costumes

Lotus Elise Pacman Costume



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