Sunday, October 08, 2006

Touring Brown County Indiana in a Lotus Elise

The weather in Louisville has been excellent the past few days and, in my opinion, is great for convertible fun. Theres a fun county about an hour and a half north of Louisville called Brown County. There are tons of little artist galleries & stores, a state park and some fun low traffic roads. The shopping district is very easy to get to, just look up "Nashville, IN" on Google Maps and follow the directions. The fun roads aren't really marked as such but if you lookup "Story, IN" you should be able to spot them ;)

Lotus Elise in Brown County Indiana
The Lotus at its safe parking spot in Brown County. If you head up there around this time of year you should definitely plan on large crowds. The main strip is loaded with mini vans, harleys, sport bikes, muscle cars, etc... All different types of people are there.

135 Isn't "Deals Gap" fun, but its still pretty fun and easy to enjoy. Theres a little town called Story along the route that has a fantastic old Inn (The Story Inn) that makes for great photos. Last year (before we had our Elise) we rode up to Brown County and the Story Inn with our friends in their Orange & Yellow cars. I ended up snapping a photo of their Chrome Orange Elise (yeah, its the one from the Tire Rack ads) in front of the Story Inn and it actually made it into the 2006 Club111 Calendar. This is the photo...

Chrome Orange Lotus Elise Pirate

I thought it would be fun to try and recreate the photo (although without the carriage driver) with our Elise. Heres my attempt at that ;)

Krypton Green Lotus Elise Story Inn
Krypton Green Lotus Elise @ The Story Inn in Story Indiana

Lotus Elise at Story Inn

Aside from the trip I don't have much else to update. I put some european market 111R decals on the Elise this past week, I'll get a photo of them up in the next day or so. One neat tidbit is the car actually rolled over to 10,000 miles as I parked it in front of the Story Inn. I meant to grab a photo but forgot in my haste.

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