Friday, December 29, 2006

Autoblog Reader Ride of the Year

It seems like theres a ton of competition at the end of this year, what with the Motortopia challenges (more on that in a bit) and now this. Autoblog has taken the 14 "Readers Rides of the Week" from the past couple months and put them into a poll to draw out the "Reader Ride of the Year". Back in October my Elise was Reader Ride of the Day on the same day that I lost my job, kind of a funny coincidence. My Lotus Elise went on to be voted to the "Reader Ride of the Week" for that week and is now thrown into the "RR of the Year" poll.

So guess what I want you to do... ;)
Head over to Autoblog's Reader Ride of the Year Poll and put in a vote for your favorite ride, which will hopefully be a Krypton Green 2005 Lotus Elise. I would love to see something as cool as this title originate from a day where I was kind of at my lowest, I just think its too ironic.

And with the Motortopia challenges, I'm in a featured challenge AGAIN! This time instead of being put against a traditional American "Muscle Car" I'm up against a Pontiac Solstice. "What, that should be an easy choice" you say, well what if I tell you that the Solstice has been transformed into a Mallett. The Mallett conversions consist of gutting the Solstice/Sky drivetrain and replacing it with a Corvette LS2 motor & running gear. So now its kinda interesting ;) I'm sure I'll lose as there are just way too many active domestic folks on Motortopia but it's still a neat challenge I think.

Aside from that, not much news or updates. Santa brought me a carbon fiber rear view mirror and new front & rear tow hooks for the Elise, you can expect to see an installation post for all of that in the next week or so. Hopefully that post will include some cool news from the Autoblog's Reader Ride of the Year Poll ;).



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