Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Elise rear towhook installation

Alright folks, heres another highly difficult Lotus Elise modification!

If you recall one of my recent posts you'll see that I recieved a rear towhook from Sector111 for Christmas but had to exchange it for a different style that would work with my car. The new one arrived yesterday and today after washing my car in the freezing cold I had a chance to toss it on the car. The entire installation took about 10 minutes at the most and might have actually been easier than the Zoom Carbon Fiber rearview mirror install. Read on below for the walkthrough.

Lotus Elise rear towhook
This is the "Boomerang" rear towhook from Sector111. It's design allows it to clear exhausts that exit through the rear diffuser, such as the stock exhaust.

Circular felt pads
Some folks on have used pieces of Velcro to prevent the towhook from rattling against the rear diffuser. I picked up these circular felt pads from Target, I think they will work just as well.

Elise towhook with felt pads
This is the area that you might consider placing felt or something else to prevent rattling.

Elise diffuser bolts
You will be removing two 13mm bolts like these from the rear diffuser.

Lotus Elise rear towhook bolts
Click this photo for a detailed shot showing the two bolts you will remove. This is where the towhook mounts to. Simply remove the bolts & washers, run the each bolt through the towhook, place the washer on the other side and tighten them back down in their stock position. Thats it. You don't even have to jack the car up.

Lotus Elise rear towhook installed
The finished product. Hopefully I'll never have to use this but I think it looks kinda neat and if I am in a sticky situation it should help out.

Boomerang towhook installed
View from behind the Lotus. You have to step back about 3-4 feet before you can even tell the hook is there. It sits about flush with the stock exhaust.

Lotus Elise rear end
View from the ground, several feet behind the Elise.

Lotus rear towhook complete
The final shot. The Lotus Elise rear end is already pretty racy but this just adds to it.

Thats it for this update! I'm itching to go out and have a little photoshoot with the Elise so hopefully there will be some cool Lotus Elise photos in the next post.

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At 1:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those things are for getting your car pulled out of the grass after an off track excursion. You know, at the track. Do you even track your car?

At 1:21 AM, Blogger Chris Watson said...

I had no clue these were used for getting pulled out of grass/gravel, thanks for explaining that. I haven't had the opportunity to track the car yet but I've run it through some challenging roads through the southeast and have throughly enjoyed doing so. Hopefully once some other finance robbing situations in my personal life iron themselves out I'll be able to hit up Putnam Park or Mid-Ohio for some open track fun. Thanks for the concern though! Oh, and by the way, try reading before trying to be a smartass next time...

From this blog post...
"Hopefully I'll never have to use this but I think it looks kinda neat and if I am in a sticky situation it should help out."

Seriously, I'd expect a nicer attitude from a fellow Apple user.


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