Saturday, February 17, 2007

One year later...

I have now officially spent one year with my 2005 Lotus Elise. We bought it one year ago today (yesterday actually, posting this late late at night) from Dave Hampson at Dimmitt Exotics in Clearwater Florida. The sales process consisted of me finding the car online through, contacting Dave and then flying down with a check a few weeks later. I was extremely worried that there would be some complications but it really was, and has continued to be, a painless process. We flew into Tampa late one night, Dave picked us up the next morning and an hour or so later we drove off with our new Lotus.

The car had right around 110 miles on the clock when we bought it, one year later it is at 14,040 miles. Aside from a few adjustments and a pair of rear tires the Elise has been trouble free. At the first service (Lotus of Atlanta), after much trouble and BS, we were able to have the headlights adjusted under warranty as well as the windows although they didn't really complete the window part. The second service was completely standard with the exception of replacing a lost center cap from one of the rear wheels. The car has been very reliable and has performed flawlessly throughout "mild daily driving" and a few road trips.

Our Lotus Elise has seen a couple of different beaches, some very quick & tight roads, a few tourist traps and even some concrete corn. My wife and I prefer driving it over our other two cars (VW Bug & Jetta). We've both found the Elise to be very comfortable and more than accommodating when you pack wisely. It's road manners are very well sorted and it feels very solid at speed on the expressway. The car draws attention from everyone every time it hits the road, I can't begin to imagine how many camera phone shots there are of this green Elise floating around. Most reviews paint a mixed picture of the Lotus Elise, always praising it's handling & performance but harshly criticizing it's boot space & ingress. This little Lotus isn't for everyone, but it's definitely for us!

Lotus Elise on the beach
We've come a long way since this visit to the beach, about 15 minutes after taking delivery of the Lotus.

Sooo, one year later and these are my thoughts:
What do I love about the Elise?
Simple, the pure connection that it offers between the road & the driver. The car communicates everything with you in a way that had previously been forgotten by everything else on the road.

What would I change about the Elise?
I'd like a bit more power out of the car. It's "just right" now, but another 20 - 30 horsepower would add to the fun without compromising the easy drivability it offers. A supercharger is in this car's future. I can't say when, but this car will definitely have some air stuffed into it's intake manifold before it leaves my hands. Other little upgrades will eventually include aftermarket wheels, a few carbon fiber bits, some drivetrain pieces, etc... My next project is installing XM radio. My wife gave me an XM radio subscription for Valentines day and since the Elise is my roadtrip car of choice it only makes sense to install a cradle for the receiver in it as well.

What is the most common question from onlookers?
"How much does that thing cost?". I get all sorts of questions, the majority of which are inquiries about what it is and who makes Lotus but the one common question thrown into almost every set is the price question. I don't really mind, it just amazes me though how easily people can ask something like that.

Do I still love Krypton Green after living with it for a full year?
Yes. This color never ceases to excite. I think there are some other nice colors (Orange, White, Laser Blue) that fit the car well but this color just looks so amazing in person.

What do I look forward to doing with the Elise in the year to come?
If we end up moving to Orange Beach Alabama then I fully expect to become active in that region's SCCA events. I don't really care for our region (too competitive, too much judging) so a fresh start elsewhere would be great for me. I'd like to head down to Deals Gap / Tail of the Dragon again, maybe run through the Blue Ridge parkway as well. Another Alabama plus is that Barber Motorsports Park is not far from Gulf Shores, if we move then I may be able to attend a couple of events there and finally get some much needed track time.

Any regrets about getting the Elise instead of a turbocharged G35 or Porsche 911 Turbo?
Nope. The only thing close to a regret is that I wouldn't feel "as bad" driving one of those as much as I do the Elise. Since the Elise is a specialty car in a world of special cars it instills a sense of guilt when you get caught in a rain storm or you realize that you're driving it as much as a "regular" car. It's still very much worth it to me though.

Lotus Elise alongside some Graffit art

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At 3:14 PM, Blogger zesrn 6 said...

Waaaaw very amazing !!! That's the best blog I ever saw on the internet about that lovely car!!!Beautifull professional pictures also...I'm a guy from Europe (Belgium) and my language is dutch..So it's a very long time ago that I spoke or wrote English...So I want to apologize for my bad English...I ordered also an Elise 111R orange a month ago. While I'm waiting (still two weeks),I started to look on the net for extra information en so I discovered your blog. While I was reading your story I felt the same enthousiasm about this car. I'm glad to see that you didn't really have big problems with this car because I'm a little bit concerned. I have to use it every day...summer and winter...Now I drive a toyota MR that's more comfortabeler but too slow...I am a fan of cabrio driving and in the MR the wind doesn't disturb. I read that there is a lot of turbulation in the cabine of the Elise. Is it true ? And is the car also perfect waterproof with the softtop ?

At 3:30 PM, Blogger Chris Watson said...

I think you will absolutely love the Elise once you get it. It has it's quirks but they are all pretty easy to live with. I've driven with the top off quite a bit this past year and haven't noticed an abnormal amount of turbulance, actually seems like a lot less than my old convertibles (Miata, VW Cabriolet, etc).

My Elise does continue to have water leaks regardless of which top is on the car. I don't notice much leaking under normal rain but I do see a lot when I wash the car. The windows are easy to adjust though and, if leaks are present, can be made a lot better through a bit of adjusting. The flip side though is some friends of mine who have an orange Elise and a yellow Elise, both of their cars are leak free and as far as I know have never had problems with them.

Honestly, the car isn't perfect, does have a good amount of rattles & buzzes, but is easy to live with if you can appreciate the feeling it gives you while driving. I don't anticipate any critical problems from the engine & gearbox as there haven't been many reported problems in the Elise community. I see the rest of the stuff (windows leaking, turn signal condensation, rattles, etc) as minor headaches in an otherwise well rounded package.

At 3:52 PM, Blogger zesrn 6 said...

Thx for the very fast (quick ??) answer !!!

At 12:36 PM, Blogger Barry said...

Enjoyed the blog, and have always wanted an elise, and have wondered if you can use it everyday... Barry, Ireland

At 11:37 AM, Blogger Jean said...

Too bad you didn't make a video from your blogpost, like here:


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